Monday, March 23, 2015


I've been insanely busy lately... Classes five days a week, and working both days of the weekend, and I essentially have no time to myself anymore. It's running me ragged, to be honest. I haven't seen my honey since the end of February, and likely won't see him again until April. I have no spare money to speak of, despite my job. I'm stressed, and tired, and worn thin. I try not to live in a state of 'I just want this to be over' but seriously, I just want this period of my life to be over. I know it's only temporary and things will slow down again in a month or so but that doesn't change how difficult this is for me right now. The last time I felt this way was working at Camp Wabun last summer and that just destroyed me, so I'm eager to be done with this phase. A few more weeks and I'll be done college, and leave my part time job to take a few weeks off before beginning my next job. *sigh* Why does our species insist on doing so much and everything at the same time?