Friday, May 29, 2015

Diploma Number Two!

Wednesday the 27th I graduated from college with honours in a two year diploma in Culinary Management. It seems like yesterday that I was applying to the program, I almost can't believe it's over.

May 27th 2015 A This last semester was incredibly intense and stressful for me, on top of working part time on the weekends. That's largely why I've posted so little here. But now I'm done!!!

May 27th 2015 C My grandmother and my parents attended the ceremony. It's the second time they see me receive a diploma. My first was back in 2008 for Library and Information Technician, which seems like a lifetime ago. I'm almost a different person.

May 27th 2015 B I'm already working at a great place, utilizing everything I learned over the past two years. Likely I'll get around to sharing some of what I do here eventually. Cheers!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Nature Walkin'

Now that I've started working again (yaaay!) I've been pretty busy, but I got a few days off and the first thing I did was go on a little nature walk in the nearby trails. It was a gorgeous warm day with lovely sunshine and it was nice to get out and smell the green freshness of all the growing things.

May 17 2015 H May 17 2015 G May 17 2015 D May 17 2015 F
You can just barely see the momma spider and her egg sac (round white sphere) in the last photo. I heard her before I saw her, since she was a pretty big and made quite a lot of noise as she ran over the ground of the open field. Of course I had to stop and compliment her on her lovely egg sac and wish her the best with her little young ones.

May 17 2015 E May 17 2015 A May 17 2015 B May 17 2015 C
At one point I'd almost totally lost the trail, it was barely marked and I was just about to turn around. As I was doing that, I happened to look down and see this snail! He was just slowly oozing his way along and I had nearly stepped on it. I love a good cute snail, so I snapped a few photos and then covered it with a leaf before leaving to make certain nothing spied it and made a quick snack of it. Cheers!