Monday, May 18, 2015

Nature Walkin'

Now that I've started working again (yaaay!) I've been pretty busy, but I got a few days off and the first thing I did was go on a little nature walk in the nearby trails. It was a gorgeous warm day with lovely sunshine and it was nice to get out and smell the green freshness of all the growing things.

May 17 2015 H May 17 2015 G May 17 2015 D May 17 2015 F
You can just barely see the momma spider and her egg sac (round white sphere) in the last photo. I heard her before I saw her, since she was a pretty big and made quite a lot of noise as she ran over the ground of the open field. Of course I had to stop and compliment her on her lovely egg sac and wish her the best with her little young ones.

May 17 2015 E May 17 2015 A May 17 2015 B May 17 2015 C
At one point I'd almost totally lost the trail, it was barely marked and I was just about to turn around. As I was doing that, I happened to look down and see this snail! He was just slowly oozing his way along and I had nearly stepped on it. I love a good cute snail, so I snapped a few photos and then covered it with a leaf before leaving to make certain nothing spied it and made a quick snack of it. Cheers!

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