Saturday, August 23, 2014

Floral Edge

This is a dress I thrifted last week. My bosom is slightly too large for it so the little waist bit rides up some but I honestly don't care. The dress is just so light and airy and feminine and I enjoy wearing it.

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I've been waffling back and forth about how I feel about my new hair cut. Today is a love day. I won't be keeping the back of my head shaved down like this for long, but I am loving the new short length in the back. I hadn't realized how much of an irritation all that hair back there was for me.

Aug 23 2014 F Aug 23 2014 E Aug 23 2014 C
The field behind my home is just gorgeous right now and it felt good to get out there with my camera. I've been pretty slothful lately since getting home and I've already put on weight, but at least this outfit makes me feel attractive. I hope the sun is shining where you are too. Cheers!

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