Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New Cut and Style

I shaved down the one side of my head back in March, but I've had an itch for even more of a hair change. Today I finally got it! I love it so much... On regular days it won't be so styled - I don't know how or even own most of the products and equipment required to pull this off - but I still feel so refreshed.
New Hair Aug 19 2014 C New Hair Aug 19 2014 A
The shaved side is still there, but now also continues as an angled undercut across the back of my head. The hair up top was left longer and cut at an angle to lengthen to its longest point by my face. I love this cut!
New Hair Aug 19 2014 B New Hair Aug 19 2014 D My hair stubbornly fell flat about 15 minutes after I took these photos, it's so thin and light that it hardly even holds any sort of shape. That's fine with me though, I don't like having a head that reeks of products and I washed it all out just now. Now to enjoy how quickly this little hair dries after a shower! Cheers!

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