Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Goodbye Sweet One

I've sold another of my tarantulas, this one my very first. I'm sitting here crying into my coffee, talking myself through it. It needs to happen, it's part of my choices and the direction I mean to take my life. But it doesn't stop the pain of parting with a little living thing for which I've cared since it was tiny, these past five years.

Goodbye Thor
My classmate purchased my Thor, the second tarantula she picks up from me. At least my Thorling is going to someone I know and am certain will care for them properly. It still hurts me badly but it needs to happen... Cheers...

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  1. sorry to hear, i know it's hard to part with pets whom we've grown to love. but you have comfort in knowing its new owner. maybe you'll get to visit?!