Sunday, September 14, 2014

Here We Are

I spent a few days this past week visiting my man. Unfortunately the power went out during a storm and two out of my three days there was without electricity, but thankfully he had a generator so things were mostly unchanged.

Ian visit A Ian visit B
For the most part, the weather was rainy but there were moments of sunshine. The wood stove and my honey's hard work kept us warm in the chill weather. Our evenings were romantically lit by candles, and I even cooked one supper right on top of the wood stove. (Wild rice, roasted veggies in butter and some rainbow trout mmm!)

Ian visit C Ian visit D 
He's considerably older than myself but I don't mind. I'm usually the one trying to keep up with him. Seems all I needed to do was stop looking for a mate to have my ideal one land right in my lap. A lot of changes are happening in my life, but it's bringing much good to me, and I am happy. Cheers!

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