Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I spent most of my holidays with my honey, eleven straight days of loving bliss. Now I'm back in school and already feeling swamped. It's nice being able to look back on some of these photos and remembering the wonderful time we shared.

Honey Holidays 2014-15 M Honey Holidays 2014-15 L
Before heading off to the cottage, I convinced my honey to eat ramen with me at the Momofuku Noodle Bar in Toronto. SO GOOD. Their pork buns were melt-in-your-mouth delicious, but so rich. Plus discovering my man can use chopsticks like a pro was another reason to adore him.

Honey Holidays 2014-15 J Honey Holidays 2014-15 K Honey Holidays 2014-15 i
I may look a tad grumpy in that last photo but it was my I'm-cooking-and-concentrating face. I made us tasty fish chowder, and tomato rice soup, and other nummy warm things to eat when it's cold and snowy outside. I even baked up a chocolate Guinness cake with cream cheese icing for my honey's son's birthday, but the lad was a bit of a grumpus (unfortunately) and there aren't any photos of that.

Honey Holidays 2014-15 H Honey Holidays 2014-15 F Honey Holidays 2014-15 G
We got a good dumping of snow and the boys did quite a bit of cross country skiing while I stayed inside by the warm fire, reading and relaxing. Eventually our stay at the cottage came to an end and we have to treck back out. They skied, I followed behind on foot because I'm stubborn and feel if I were meant to ski, evolution would've given me ski-feet.

Honey Holidays 2014-15 B Honey Holidays 2014-15 D
Honey Holidays 2014-15 C
That's my grumpy face in the cold, and the distance across the lake we had so far traverse. Not counting the section in the forest, first... And then the way left to go!
Honey Holidays 2014-15 E Honey Holidays 2014-15 A 
While I certainly wasn't having a blast walking back out to the vehicle, our time at the cottage as a whole was wonderful. It was good to get away from civilization and enjoy some peace and quiet. I missed it soon as we were back on the busy highway again. I hope you all had wonderful holidays. Cheers!

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