Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Menu

We have a new menu for this semester in the restaurant and we all got together in the kitchen last night to cook and bake up all the dishes - and then stuff ourselves silly eating them. The idea was that we'd all know what they looked like and how they're supposed to taste.

Jan 9 2015 E Jan 9 2015 A Jan 9 2015 C Jan 9 2015 G
Jan 9 2015 F I didn't manage to get photos of everything, unfortunately some stuff got eaten before I had a chance, like most of the main course proteins. But ah well!
Jan 9 2015 D Jan 9 2015 B Jan 9 2015 H Jan 9 2015 J Jan 9 2015 I
Why our chef decided the put a bread pudding and a sticky pudding on the menu was beyond us but eh. I've got the beef mufalleta next week and I'll be hard-pressed to top the one made by my classmate with the onion rings. A challenge! Cheers!

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