Wednesday, January 22, 2014

No Smiling

Yesterday was a hard day. Smiling wasn't something I really felt like doing when taking the photos. I often prefer my face without smiling lately, just something about neutral features that I find interesting.

I've been hooked on Iron and Wine for the last few months. His voice just sweeps me off my feet, and the songs are so beautiful. I don't think there's yet a song on any of his albums that I don't adore.

Several hours after taking those first photos, I got to spot-cleaning snake tanks and doing other pet related activities, and they got my smile out. Trust creatures to bring a smile to my face, no matter the occasion!


  1. lol, love the last picture. will your snake hiss at your cat?

    1. That one in particular isn't a hisser, but my other snake is a big chicken and hisses whenever he gets nervous, including when my cat is just a little too curious! :)