Saturday, March 22, 2014

Barefoot Psychedelia

I don't dress to fit in. I don't follow trends or worry about being in style. I don't worry about what people may think about my clothes. I feel bad for people who look like carbon copies of each other, all dressed in different versions of the same thing, with similar hairstyles. Lost in consumerism and mass marketing.


It doesn't take much to be made to believe we want something. Just a few people touting its wonderfulness and the mob flocks to acquire whatever it is, be it the newest Apple product or any garment with the current It Colour (I'll never forget the summer of coral hues). I just wish people would take half a second, and think about why they are wearing what they do. Is it because you like it and it makes you happy? Or because you were convinced that was true? Thinking for ourselves is important, don't lose yourself in commercialism and mass produced scrap. Cheers...

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  1. i am guilty of this sometimes, because i can be very easily swayed! but i usually don't jump on a trend right away...i'll wait a few months to a year, even, and if i still like it, i'll try it out. i agree you must stay true to yourself and your own style.