Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Silk

I own two pieces of silk clothing; one is this super comfy top and another a little patterned skirt. Both were gifts from the amazing Anne, and I'm still thankful for them any time the weather warms up. While I'm terrified to get any sort of stain or blemish on it, I take the risk because it just feels so wonderful to wear.
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The pants are something I picked up while thrifting in Paris last August. They basically functioned as PJ bottoms for me most of winter but I love wearing them with this top too. The whole outfit is just airy and light and free and I love it.
June 1 2014 DJune 1 2014 CJune 1 2014 A
My ammonite-half necklace has become a favourite. I never figured I'd wear it so much. I made my best friend Becky her own necklace with the other ammonite-half. They had actually been a pair of earrings but I had my crafty mother add some loops so I could use them as pendants. Hope you're enjoying the first day of June! Cheers!

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