Saturday, May 31, 2014

From A Chromebook

I leave this Saturday for the island where I'll be working for the next 9 weeks. Since I use a desktop PC at home, but still wanted to be able to do basic computer stuff and have somewhere to upload photos, I made the decision to buy a Chromebook.
May 31 2014 B
This whole post was done on my Chromebook, from uploading and editing the photos to writing the actual post. I'm still getting used to the different OS. Not to mention going back to a touchpad and not reaching for the mouse every two seconds.
May 31 2014 A The choke cherries and crab apple trees are in bloom. I'm keeping a bouquet of them on the sill in my kitchen. In a few more days the lilacs in my front yard will be blooming too. I'm glad I get to see them before I go.
  May 31 2014 C 
I'm both apprehensive and excited to start work. It'll be a big change since I've been off school since late April and going back to working 6 days a week will be pretty intense. It'll be doing what I love though, in an amazing place, so I can't complain. Cheers!

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