Sunday, May 25, 2014


This past Friday, I packed up my van with gear and headed out camping. Unfortunately for me, there was a rowdy and rude group of youths there with ATVs and a sound system they seemed to think everybody wanted to listen to, so I left a day early. It's difficult to relax when you have 7 motorized vehicles tearing around the campsite in the day and pop music playing until all hours of the night so loud you can't even hear the frogs or loons...
Camping May 23-24 2014 D Camping May 23-24 2014 C Camping May 23-24 2014 F
I had some peace, when they all left to go tear around on their noisy machines elsewhere for a few hours. I even took a swim in the lake. The water was very cold, but clear, and it felt wonderful after sitting in the hot sun. And I just love sitting in the hot sun again to warm and dry off. I did get a bit of a sunburn, but ah well! I also thoroughly enjoyed my camp food. I brought homemade soup in baggies to reheat, and boiled up tasty eggs.
Camping May 23-24 2014 A Camping May 23-24 2014 E Camping May 23-24 2014 B 
I ran around barefoot basically from the get go, the ground was covered in a soft mat of pine needles so it was easy on my feet. I hadn't thought to bring a bathing suit so I just stripped down to my skivvies and went in like that, which suited me fine. There were hardly any biting bugs to bother me so I spent the majority of the day barely clothed, just how I like it.
Camping May 23-24 2014 H Camping May 23-24 2014 F 
While it was a less than ideal first camping trip of the year, I still enjoyed it. Hopefully my next go will really give me some peace and solitude. Cheers!

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