Thursday, May 1, 2014


It's springtime, the first of May. Love must be in the air because I've had to gently let down three separate courting gentlemen in the last few weeks. I suppose I can't complain, it's pretty flattering, but still. It's not something I'm used to!
May 1 2014 B
I really wanted to wear my mustard shirt today, and a dress. So I did this. Not sure if I'll wear this again, or if I'd even leave the house wearing this - it's still cold and wet and gloomy out so definitely not sandal friendly - but it's good enough for kicking around the house while I break in the sandals.
May 1 2014 A
I've had the sandals a few years now but never properly broke them in, but I am determined to do so for this upcoming season. Hopefully they'll be extra comfy by the time things dry out and the weather finally takes a turn for the better.Cheers!

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