Monday, May 12, 2014

Water and Sky

I went to my parents' early Mother's Day morning and I cooked up a delicious fresh waffle breakfast for my mother. There was fresh whipped cream and strawberry compote and everything! From there we headed off on what was meant to be a fishing trip but turned into more of an exploratory trip than anything else.
May 11 2014 J
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I found a perfect spot to go camping right by this lake. The site is on Crown Land, but it's monitored by the MNR and they help maintain cleanliness and order so that crazy drunken rowdies don't ruin it for others. Who needs a cabin with plumbing and electricity at a cost when you can camp down the road in your comfy tent for free, right?
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I've got some personal matters that need tending to before I can go out camping - there's no cell reception and I need to be in touch with some people for a while - but I figure next week! After the May long weekend I should be able to go, and hopefully there will be less rain and warmer temperatures and I might even be able to go for a swim. Cheers!

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