Monday, April 28, 2014


I only wore part of this out of the house. The necklace is sadly much too fragile to risk wearing out again - the petals break off way too easily and people always rush in for a hug and CRUNCH. I cannot keep gluing it back together!
April 28 2014 C
The shoes are totally wearable outside, just not this time of year. Still much too wet and squishy outside! Not to mention I haven't decided whether or not I'm willing to attempt driving in these, and I'm way too lazy to switch shoes when climbing in and out of my vehicle just for the sake of being able to wear pretty shoes.
April 28 2014 AApril 28 2014 B
Finally it's warm enough to start wearing shorter hems with bare legs. I wouldn't go spending an afternoon outside like this but at least it's not uncomfortable. A few more weeks and temps will hopefully be in the 20's and I won't have to avoid the outdoors anymore! Cheers...

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  1. i like this moss green. too bad the necklace is very's too pretty to be kept in a box!!