Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dinner for Friends

I've been wanting to make dinner for some friends of mine for a while now, and since it's easier for them with their young daughter, I hauled myself over to their house and cooked up a storm. It was really nice spending time with them, although I think my arriving with a home deep fryer and an immersion blender was a bit of a surprise hah.

Dinner for friends.

I made some deep fried panko breaded sole with a roasted red pepper sauce, a mushroom and green pepper rice pilaf, and steamed aspargus with a beurre blanc sauce. We indulged and had some apple fritters with ice cream for dessert! The only thing I didn't do was make the ice cream, everything else was from scratch!

Plated.Apple fritters and ice cream. 

I used wine in both my sauces as well as the fritter batter so it only made sense to enjoy a glass or two with the food! My friend's husband was fit to burst with it all after the meal, but it was just so good. There's nothing like a good meal cooked with love surrounded by the people for which you care. Cheers!

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