Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy Dress

What seems like ages ago, the wonderful Anne sent me this dress in part of a package. It was originally sewn to have a halter strap but I undid the thread and resewed it to have two straps.

April 15 2014 D 
It's not fitted or polished or in a modern style. It's definitely not flattering haha, especially without the belt in which case it just looks like a psychedelic muumuu. But I still love it! This is how it looked before I altered it.

April 01 2012 E April 15 2014 B
It was too long and weird things were going on around the halter. Now I have minimal capped sleeves! And the back is high enough to hide my bra, which is great. I may wind up making a few more alterations to it as I go along but for now I'm rocking it like this.

April 15 2014 C April 15 2014 A 
I'll probably look back on this stage in my life and wonder what the heck I was doing haha, but I'm happy right now and that's what counts. What's the point of being young and free if you don't push the boundaries and have some fun? Cheers!

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