Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Those Legs

It's rather ironic that yesterday was the first day I went out with bare legs, because this morning I woke up to 2cm of snow outside. Mother Nature, what are you doing?! Bring back the Spring!

April 14 2014
I got a nice clear shot of my tarantula Nyx, a mature male Nhandu coloratovillosus next to my hand through its tank glass. You can really see how big and gorgeous he is. With legs like that, what's not to like? ;)

Mature male Nhandu coloratovillosus
Now I've got the tanks of my three mature male tarantulas in the living room, so I can keep an eye on them. My one old man below, Pumpkin the Pamphobeteus sp. platyomma, is a year past his ultimate molt stage and hasn't got long to go so I want to make certain I know when he finally passes.

Pamphobeteus sp platyomma
It may seem silly to so fixate on something like tarantulas but I've been raising these guys from tiny spiderlings. They've been in my care for five years. You invest that time and energy and care into something and you can't help but become attached to them. They're truly fascinating and I feel privileged to have such amazing creatures in my home. Cheers!

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