Friday, February 21, 2014

Death's Display

I've been really occupied with school and family life lately and blogging has just slipped my mind. Today I'm sharing a slightly morbid photo, a shot of one of my deceased tarantulas. The reason I share this is because I am planning on displaying him in a shadow box, so I can continue to enjoy his beauty. To point out that even death can be beautiful, in its own way.

I found him just in time, so that I could pose him attractively. If you'll notice, one of his legs is missing. When I made my big move from Ottawa back to my hometown, his little foot became pinched and when he molted (the process by which spiders grow) he dropped the damaged leg and carried on perfectly. Spiders are amazingly hardy and adaptable. I had this little fellow - a male named Legs - for over 4 years. For a male of his species, that's quite a long life. It also explains why he looks a little haggard, he was an old man! It makes me sad that he died, but I'm also glad I can continue to admire him this way. Cheers!

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