Tuesday, February 11, 2014


As a culinary student, I love trying out new recipes, and new flavour combinations. When I saw this recipe for brussel sprout tacos, I had to give it a try. Since I had no small tortillas, I just opted to make it a wrap instead. I didn't have all the recommended ingredients on hand, but for a first casual attempt, it was still delicious. I hope to make it again with shallots like in the original, and add more tomatoes.

My grandmother gifted me another lovely crocheted blanket. Both she and my mother crochet and I'm slowly accumulating quite a few gorgeous pieces from each of them. Not to mention the ones I pick up at thrift stores and other such places, when they steal my heart. There's just something about a hand-made blanket or pillow, you know?

I'm still getting the hang of my new camera. I don't have to place my tripod as far anymore, and it's odd being so close to the camera. Eventually I should figure out a good place to stick it where I won't come out crooked or somehow warped looking. Cheers!


  1. That red maxi skirt is beautiful. Very 1970s bohemian esque!


    1. I love it! I bought it at a vintage shop while in Paris and neeeearly didn't make the purchase, SO glad I did!

  2. i love brussel srpouts...interesting filler for tacos! it looks delicious and i imagine it would with lots of cheese!